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Connection Service and Repair

Water and Sewerage Connections and Repairs

Property owners regularly contact us to help them address their needs with new installations and repairs for water and sewerage connections. We take the time to explain the work and help you with any regulatory requirements to ensure that your connection service is back online as soon as possible. 

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Connection Failure. Who's Resposible?

Property owners own and are responsible for the installation, repair, maintenance and replacement of all the private fittings, mains connected water tanks and pipes on their property up to the water meter and sewer connection point. If a leak or blockage is detected in these pipes, it is the property owner’s responsibility to fix it. As a blocked drain and burst pipe expert, Howzat Plumbing can help you fix your connection problems fast. 

Concealed Leaks are a Major Problem

If you suspect a potential leak, the first step is to contact Howzat Plumbing. We will inspect your property and discuss your concerns in depth to understand where the source ofthe problems may be.  These leaks can be difficult to locate. Whilst you are responsible for the cost of water lost due to leaks on your property, we can advise you with the process of requesting mitigation from your utilities company. 

Some signs that may indicate a concealed leak or connection failure;

  • Higher Water bills 
  • Drains and toilets in the property may be taking longer than normal to work  
  • The water meter continues to operate with all taps and water appliances turned off
  • The age of the property can be a determining factor
  • Unexplained odours outside the property
  • Noticable wet areas outside  

Are you flushing good money down the drain? Leaking taps considerably add to your water bill. 

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