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Rainwater Tank Installation

Brisbane Rainwater Tank Plumber

Lingering droughts and water restrictions make rainwater tanks an important asset for your home or business. Howzat Plumbing supply and install all types of rainwater tanks across Brisbane. Our friendly and professional plumbers will help you select the right rainwater tank for to suit your needs, and explain everything clearly with you. 

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Drought Proof Your Home or Business

Water is on track to become one of the worlds most valuable resources by 2030. The trend across South East Queensland and Brisbane is for reduced rainfall and strict water restrictions in the future. Ensure that water is always available when you need it by having us install a rainwater tank. From homeowners and businesses alike, having water readily available for the essentials makes a rainwater tank a must have in Brisbane. Just imaging not being able to wash the car, top up the pool, or worse still, having to shut down your business due to a lack of water. 

We know all too well of the damage that some of the less reputable brands of water tanks caused when the last drought ended. We only install quality certified rainwater tanks, so you’ll never have to deal with the problems and damage caused by a rupture when the tank is full. 

Our plumbers also specialise in the upgrade and repair of rainwater tank accessories and drainage. Contact us today for a free quote. 

Howzat for all of your Brisbane Rainwater Tank Needs.

As Brisbane’s trusted Plumber, we supply and install a range of rainwater tanks solutions for our customers. Whether your a residence or a business, we can cater for your needs. All work and products installed are backed by our service guarantee, so you’ll always have piece of mind knowing that the work has been done properly. 

We regularly install and repair; 

  • Round Rainwater Tanks
  • Slimline Rainwater Tanks
  • Bladder Rainwater Tanks
  • Underground Rainwater Tanks
  • Rainwater Tank Pumps
  • Rainwater Tank Filter
  • UV treatment systems for rainwater tanks
  • Install and repair drainage for rainwater tanks
  • Blocked rainwater tank  drains
  • Backflow prevention devices
  • Rainwater to mains automatic water switches
  • Rainwater connection to Laundry and Toilets 

Can you maintain your home or business  when water restrictions are in place?

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