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Solar Hot Water

Howzat! for Solar Hot Water Systems in Brisbane

With power bills constantly increasing, more property owners are turning to the power of the sun to cut the cost of their electricity bills. Solar Hot water can be an effective way to reduce the cost of running your hot water system. Howzat Plumbing specialise in all aspects of Solar Hot Water, so don’t delay, call 1300 HOWZAT today so we can help you cut the cost of your hot water bill. 

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How Do Solar Hot Water Systems Work?

Whilst solar hot water isn’t new, the range and efficiency of modern systems has improved dramatically over the last two decades. In simplest terms, solar hot water works by capturing the heat from the sun in collectors installed on the roof, which is then used to heat the water that goes to your hot water tank. There are two common types of collectors;

  •  Flat Plate Collectors

These are the most basic type of Solar Hot water collectors, and function by collecting heat in a black glass box. The heat accumulates like a greenhouse and pipes running through a metal plate transfer this trapped heat to the water, which is then stored in the tank. 

  • Evacuated Tubes

This is a newer type of technology, and is more advanced than a flat plate collector. They look like a series of fluro tubes lined up, but operate like a vacuum flask. Heat from the sun becomes trapped in these empty collectors (hence the name evacuated tube), which is then transferred to a manifold at the top of the unit. This heat is then transferred into the water, which is stored for use in a hot water tank. Compared to flat plate collectors, evacuated tubes are much more efficient at capturing and retaining heat from the sun. 

Both Systems utilise an electrically powered hot water tank to ensure that hot water is kept at the optimal temperature, and for night time or cloudy days. Electricity use is usually minimal. A small electric pump is also required to transfer the water between the collector and the tank. Our plumbers can help you select a system that suits your needs. 


Solar Hot Water Repairs and Maintenace

Like any other hot water system, solar hot water systems require periodic maintenance to ensure that the system is operating within its optimal range. Howzat Plumbing can help you with any of your solar hot water maintenance needs.  So if the Hot Water is going cold, or the pipes are making noises, call 1300 HOWZAT today. 

Solar Hot Water Systems to Suit Your Needs

Using our experience and know how, we will help you select the right Solar Hot Water system for your requirements. Whether you’re a residence or a business, we can cater for your needs. All work and products installed are backed by our service guarantee, so you’ll always have piece of mind knowing that  the work has been done properly. 

We regularly install and repair; 

  • Solar Hot Water Tanks
  • Flat Plate Collector Systems
  • Evacuated Tube Systems
Brands we  install include;
  • Rheem
  • SolaHart 
  • Dux
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Need solar hot water in Brisbane? Solar Hot Water can save you money on your power bill. 

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