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Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Howzat! for Heat Pump Hot Water Systems in Brisbane

Is your hot water going cold? Whether you need a quick repair, or you have realised that you need a new hot water system in Brisbane,  Howzat Plumbing install a range of  highly energy efficient Heat Pump Hot Water Systems. 

We know how each make and model works, and this exciting technology can give you the same savings as solar without a bulky collector attached to your roof. For property owners that have limited space, or concerne about aesthetics, Heat Pump Hot water systems provide you with the best versatilty and efficiency possible 

We always make sure that we exceed our customers expectations, and will call back the following day to ensure that you are happy and satisfied with the work performed. We even back all our work with a satisfaction guarantee. With more than 40 five star reveiws on Google, there’s a reason our customers call Howzat!

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How Does a Heat Pump Hot Water System Work?

Sometimes Solar Hot water may not be a viable option. This is where a Heat Pump Hot Water System comes into play. Heat pumps work on the same principle as your refrigerator, using a refrigerant that evaporates at low temperatures, but instead of allowing the waste heat to dissipate into the open air, it is transferred into the hot water system. If you’ve ever stood next to your split system air conditioning outdoor condenser, you would probably have noticed warm air when inside is being kept cool, and cold air being emitted when inside is being kept warm.  Heat Pumps use this cycle to generate hot water. 

For these systems to work, there are a number of key steps in the process:

  • A liquid refrigerant passes through an evaporator where it picks up heat from the air and becomes a gas.
  • The gas refrigerant is compressed in an electric compressor. Compressing the gas causes its temperature to increase so that it becomes hotter than the water in the tank.
  • The hot gas flows into a condenser, where it passes its heat to the water and turns back into a liquid.
  • The liquid refrigerant then flows into an expansion valve where its pressure is reduced, allowing it to cool and enter the evaporator to repeat the cycle.
The heat pump is powered by electricity to drive the compressor and fans.  Heat pumps are supplemented by a built electric in resistance heater, like those found on traditional electric hot water systems, to ensure consistent and reliable hot water temperatures. As long as the outside temperatures are higher than the cold refrigerant, the heat pump will continue to transfer heat to the hot water tank.  The warmer the outside air, the easier it is for the system to work. As outside temperatures decrease so does the efficiency of the system, which make them less suitable for cold climates. Brisbane’s subtropical climate makes it an ideal location for Heat Pump Hot Water systems. 

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Heat Pump Hot Water Systems to Suit Your Needs

Using our experience and know how, we will help you select the right Heat Pump Hot Water system for your requirements. Whether you’re a residence or a business, we can cater for your needs. All work and products installed are backed by our service guarantee, so you’ll always have piece of mind knowing that  the work has been done properly. 

We regularly install and repair; 

  • Integrated Heat Pump Systems (the tanks and compressor are a single unit)  
  • Split System Heat Pumps (the tank and the compressor are separate units) 
Brands we  regularly install include;
  • Rheem
  • Dux
  • Rinnai
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Need Heat Pump hot water in Brisbane? We can get your hot water system working or replaced fast. 

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