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Can I Use Paper Towel instead of Toilet Paper?

Struggling to find toilet paper at the shops? You're not alone, and might be tempted to use Paper towel. You may Want to think twice.

With lock-downs looming across Australia, many panic buyers have been stocking up on various supplies, which has  also included toilet Paper. Obviously this has lead to numerous memes on what people may do with over five years supply of toilet paper stocked away in their cupboards. Unfortunately, this has also creates a massive inconvenience in the form of shortages for many people that have been unfortunate enough to have run out. This has lead to a large number of people being forced to substitute toilet paper for other alternatives. 

Paper Towel is designed to be more durable than Toilet paper, and takes longer to disintegrate.

Toilet paper breaks down easily when it comes into contact with water. Under normal circumstances it’s unlikely that you will clog your toilet, unless you use a lot of toilet paper. Unlike toilet paper, paper towel goes through a bonding process in the factory to increase its wet strength. This creates a number of problems if you decide to use it in place of toilet paper. 

Paper towel’s improved wet strength and resilience is great for picking up spills and other applications. However, this resiliance leads to problems when it is substituted for toilet paper

Paper towel’s improved wet strength and resilience is great for picking up spills and other applications. However, this resilience leads to problems when it is substituted for toilet paper. 

Some of these problems include;

  1. Blocked toilets and drains
  2. Blocked septic systems 
  3. “Fatberg” buildup in the sewerage system

Over the last couple of weeks we have had plenty of call outs to unblock toilets where people have had no choice but to use paper towel. The biggest problem that we encounter in these situations, is the accumulation of paper towels that have formed a blockage in the toilet or further down the system. The first sign of a blockage building up is a buildup during each flush.  

If you experience a blockage, the best approach is to call 1300 HOWZAT so our professional plumbers can fix your blocked toilet and make sure that there are no other blockages in the system. You’ll also save money from costly DIY mistakes with corrosive chemicals and tools that could make the problem worse by degrading or damaging your pipes. 
 Besides not flushing paper towel, our Plumbers recommend the following points to avoid clogging your toilet; 
  1. Avoid flushing sanitary pads down the toilet. These can expand seven times their original size when submerged in water. 
  2.  Avoid flushing latex products and disposable gloves. These do not break down in the the sewerage system and can linger in the pipes trapping more matter. 
  3.  Non flushable wet wipes and should not be flushed.  Besides adding to your plumbing woes with potentially blocked toilets, these wipes do not break down and are more resilient than paper towels. They also create a multitude of problems for our Urban Utility operators 
  4.  Cat Litter should not be flushed.  Seriously folks, please do not flush the cat’s litter down the toilet. These highly absorbant materials clump together and expand. In some cases they may harden like mortar in your pipes, leaving you with no other option but to dig up the blocked section. Your cat may have nine lives, but we are pretty sure that your sewerage system and budget do not. 
If you have had to turn to paper towel in desperation and have noticed that your toilet isn’t flushing as well as it used to, give us a call on 1300 HOWZAT (1300 469 928).  We don’t charge call out fees and most of the time a quick inspection won’t cost you anything. 
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